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Recently published articles
» Various pharmaceutical practices: Analysis

T.N. Divya

» Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry: Vision 2020

Shalini K

» The Future Medicine: Nanorobots

KarthikVarma V

» Drug Discovery: A Complex and Time Consuming Aspect

Revathi B


Sri Harsha Jalli

» Improvements in the Drug Delivery System

Navajyothi Chintoju, Prasanthi Konduru, Rajya Lakshmi Kathula, Ravalli Remella

» Review on Adverse events reporting system

Priyanka R

» Ebola virus: Ancient virus on a recent outbreak

Ravalli Remella and Sushma Bottu

» Pandemic Disease Swine Flu: H1N1 Virus Clinical and Prevention Aspects

Imthiyz khaja shaik, Jai p. Narain

» Effects of Ethanolic Extract of Unripe fruit of Aegle marmelos(Bael) on Intestinal Fluid Transport and Motility in Rats.

Manjunath V Jali, Nirmala P, Annamalai AR, and Basavaraj KM

» Pharmacological and Histochemical Screening for Hair Growth-Promoting Activity of Daucus carota Herbal Gel.

Namrta Shukla, Sridevi G and Gopkumar P

» A Holistic Approach on Review of Solanum virginianum. L.

Madhavi H Rane, Neha K Sahu, Saininand S Ajgoankar, Nikhi C Teli, and Deepa R Verma

» Study of the Synergistic Effect of Antibiotics and Plant Extracts Against Clinical Staphylococcus aureus Strains.

Ibrahim TA, Fagbohun ED, and Olalumade BB

» Formulation and Evaluation of Dicloxacillin Sodium Floating Tablets.

Murari Pavan, Prasanth VV, Abhishek Sharma, Ajay Chauhan, Rinku Mathappan, and Sam T Mathew

» Evidence for Complex Formation of Aceclofenac with Go-Ghrita by FT-IR., In-vitro Release, DSC, X-RD, NMR and SEM.

Bawankar RD, Sakarkar DM, and Dorle AK

» Dynamical Analysis of Chemotherapy Optimal Control using Mathematical Model Presented by Fractional Differential Equations, Describing Effector Immune and Cancer Cells Interactions

Mehdi Shahbazi, G Hussian Erjaee, and Hoda Erjaee

» Preparation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Ritonavir.

Syed Ershad, V Sai Kishore, U Kartheek, M Sandeep, K Prameela Rani, and K Adithya

» Development and Validation of Simultaneous Estimation of Paracetamol and Pamabrom in Bulk and Combined Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by RP-HPLC.

S Dhruvi, B Ankita, and P Bhagirath

» Quality Assessment of Calanthe triplicata by Using Various Standardization Parameters

K Mythili, C Umamaheswara Reddy, D Chamundeeswari, and PK Manna

» Preparation and Characterization of Tegaserod Maleate Containing Targeted Microspheres for Colonic Drug Delivery System.

Mahesh S Nemade, Rajesh Y Chaudhari, and Vijay R Patil

» Isolation, Screening and Identification of Terpene Resistant Microorganisms from Decayed Yellow Orange Citrus Fruits.

Deepthi Priya K, Manish Petkar, and Ghanta Venkaiah Chowdary

» Exploring the Effect of Polyox on the Release Kinetics of a Model Antihypertensive Drug from a Cellulose Derivative Based Buccal Patch.

Gopa Roy Biswas, Sutapa Biswas Majee, and Soumendra Mohan Saha

» Immunomodulatory Effects of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) Extract In Balb/c Mice

AA Nurul, M Johnathan, MA Jamaruddin, and WI Wan Rosli

» In- vitro Anti-Cancer Screening of Solanumindicum Rhus succedanea, Rheum emodiand Gardenia gummifera Medicinal Plants in Cancer Cells.

Sumantha Malur Gopalakrishna, Girisha Sirangala Thimappa, Ramesh Puttalingaiah Thylur, Yogisha Shivanna, and Anand Sreenivasan

» Formulation and Evaluation of Metoclopramide Hydrochloride Sustained Release Microsphere.

Bharat W Tekade, Umesh T Jadhao, Vinod M Thakare, Kundan P Chaudhari, and Harshal B Kedare

» Hepatoprotective Activity of Portulaca quadrifida Linn against CCl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats.

E Manivannan, R Kothai, and B Arul

» Method Development and Validation of Gliclazide in API and its Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by Uv-Visible Spectrophotometry

Jugasmita Khatua, K Vanitha Prakash, G Manasa, and R Praveena

» Formulation Development and In-Vitro Characterization of Loratadine Melt in Mouth Discs (MMD).

Sridhar Gumudavelli, and Sricharan G

» New Validated Spectroscopic Method for the Simultaneous Estimation of Simvastatin and Sitagliptin.

Sujani PV, Y Padamanabha Reddy, N Devanna, SS Phanindra, and P Anasuya

» Mechanical and Thermal Kinetic Parameters of Metformin Hydrochloride Crystals.

Ramukutty S, Jeyasudha R and Ramachandran E

» Liquid Chromatographic Estimation of Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride and Aceclofenac in Pharmaceutical Formulation

Roshni D Pate, Usmangani K Chhalotiya, Falgun A Mehta, Dima A Shah, and Kashyap K Bhatt

» An Overview of Regulatory Process for Pharmaceutical Sector in India.

Suresh S, SB Puranik, and Phatru Patel

» Formulation and Evaluation of Floatable In-situ Gel for Stomach-Specific Drug Delivery of Carbamazapine.

Yogesh Mahagen, Vandana Patidhar, Balaram Y, Gopkumar P and Sridevi G

» Formulation and Evaluation of Floatable In-situ Gel for Stomach-Specific Drug Delivery of Vanlafaxine HCL.

Mahak Shaikh, Aarti Mandloi, Vishnu Yadav, Gopkumar P. and Sridevi G

» Thermodynamics of the Solvation of Lead Nitrate in Mixed Propanol-H2O Solvents at Different Temperature

Esam A Gomaa and Elsayed M Abou Elleef, Ahmed Fekri, Mohamed Khairy and Reham M Abou Karn

» Regulatory Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceutical to Gain Market Access in India.

Suresh S, SB Puranik, Phatru Patel

» A Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry Method for the Determination of Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid in Human Plasma.

Gundoju Suresh, PE Thirugnanam, and Atmakuru Ramesh

» Synthesis of Substituted 1,3,4 Oxadiazoles as Anti-inflammatory Agent.

Meenakshi Virmani, and Sabir Hussain

» Conductance Studies on Complex Formation between CaCl2 and Ampicillin as Ligand in Water and In Methanol Solvent at Different Temperatures

Esam A Gomaa, Elsayed M Abou Elleef and ET Helmy

» Anti-diabetic Drugs and Fixed Dose Combination Therapy.

C Rubina Reichal, and M Gopal Rao

» Synthesis and Biological, Pharmacolgical Activites of Bioactive Benzothiazole Deravatives.

Ashok Kumar KV, and B Gopalakrishna

» Commentary on Poisoning

Shalini K

» Mucoadhesive Patch: A Novel Drug Delivery.

Rajeshwari G Annigeri, and Manisha Jadhav

» Formulation and Evaluation of Natural Lipstick from Coloured Pigments of Beta vulgaris Taproot

Swetha Kruthika V, S Sai Ram, Shaik Azhar Ahmed, Shaik Sadiq, Sraddha Deb Mallick, and T Ramya Sree

» Effect of Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy and some Antioxidants on Ulcer Healing Rates in Patients with Helicobacter pylori-associated Duodenal Ulcer.

Ahmed M Ali

» Review on Drug Delivery System

Jhansi Rani K

» Depression: a Medical Treatment

Jhansi Rani K

» Novel Approaches to Colon Targeted Drug Delivery System: A Review.

Nemade Mahesh S, Chaudhari Rajesh Y, and Patil Vijay R

» Promising Nasal Spray: Migraine Pain Relief

Shalini K

» Mutational Investigations in PIT Genes

Jhansi Rani K

» Genetic Mutation in Pit-1 Gene

Jhansi Rani K

» Sewer systems: Risk of illness

Shalini K

» Bird Flu: A Devastating Cyclone

Karthikvarma V

» Anti-Ageing Drugs: Senolytics
» High Performance Liquid Chromatography in analysis

T.N. Divya

» Ceasing "Awful" Fat While Eating "Terrible" Diet

KarthikVarma V

» Silver Nanoparticles ? Properties, Synthesis & Applications
Pratibha Muntha
» Molecular Analysis: Disease in the Human Gut

T.N. Divya

» Bioavailability Studies: Its Importance

Shalini K

» Microspheres - Novel Drug Carriers

Pratibha Muntha

» PIT1 Gene Action in Mouse
Jhansi Rani K
» Defatted Legume Species: Soy

Karthikvarma V

» Vaccination- The Need Of Mankind

Taagore Ananda

» Nanoparticles as Targeted Drug Delivery Systems ? A Novel Approach in Cancer Therapy

Pratibha Muntha

» Transdermal Drug Delivery - Advancement to Reduce Side Effects of Drugs

Pratibha Muntha

» Techniques of Tablet Coating: Concepts and Advancements: A Comprehensive Review

Aalok Basu , Anjan De and Suddhasattya Dey

» To Assess the Change in “Quality of Care Leading to Change in Outcome” When a Pharmacist Joins the Conventional Alcohol De-Addiction Treatment Team in a Residential De-addiction Centre at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Aravamuthan Anandhasayanam, Subramaniam Kannan, Nandha Kumar, Senthi Kumar, and Manoj G Tyagi

» Determination of Possible Mechanism of Cerebroprotective Action of flavonoid of Dalbergia latifolia against Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Induced- Cerebral Infarction in Rats

Sudhir C Kulkarni, Nagarathna PKM, C Vasanthkumar, and N Srisainadh

» Design, Optimization and In-Vitro Characterization of Metformin Hydrochloride Oral In-Situ Gel

Keerthi Boggarapu, Prakash Rao B, Gunturu Abhilash, Reshmi Mathews, Beny Baby and Rajarajan S

» Taste Masking of Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrate By Ion Exchange Resin and Formulation of Rapidly-Disintegrating Tablets

K Surinder, SH Tusharkumar, RP Ezhilmuthu, and KL Senthilkumar

» Preparation and Evaluation of Chronopharmaceutical Drug Delivery of Lansoprazole

M Sandeep, V Sai Kishore, B Sudheer, S Ershad, K Adithya, and M Srinivas

» X-Ray Attenuation Coefficients for Pharmaceutical Drugs: A Qualitative Analysis by Non Destructive Technique

Manjunath A, and BR Kerur

» In-Vitro Drug Release Studies Of Insulin Loaded Eudrajit L Microspheres

Sanjay R Patel, and Vipul P Patel

» A Review: Roller Compaction for Tablet Dosage Form Development

Dhuma Sonam1, Kulkarni PA, Kashikar VS, Baweja Jitendra, and Thottasseri Manoj

» The Potential Role of Curcumin in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

A Pramela Rani and V Saikishore

» Pharmaceutical Quality by Design: A New Approach in Product Development

Ashwini Gawade, Satyam Chemate and Ashwin Kuchekar

» Challenges of Brain Drug Delivery and G-Technology as One of Solution

Shiv K Garg, Abhishek Dwivedi, Pramod Saini, Ajay Pareek, and Sanket Trivedi

» A Review on Impurity Profile in Pharmaceutical Substances

B Prathap, Akalanka Dey, G Srinivasa Rao, T Sundarrajan, and Shahul Hussain

» Formulation and Evaluation of Orodispersible Tablets of Salbutamol Sulphate

Prasanth VV, Sidhyartha Sarkar, Sourav Tribedi, Rinku Mathappan and Sam T Mathew

» A Validated Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Paliperidone Palmitate in Bulk Drug and its Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Rakshit Kanubhai Trivedi, Ravikumar Jupudi, Mukesh C Patel, Dipika R Trivedi, and Hitesh A Jogia

» Design of Orodispersible Tablets of Losartan Potassium Using Novel Co-Processed Superdisintegrants

V Sai Kishore, B Tejeswara Rao, Y Sai Kumar, and D Nagasen

» Formulation and Development of In Situ Gelling System for Nasal Administration for Ondansetron Hydrochloride by Using Pluronic F-127

Anjan De, Subrata Chakraborty, Arup Mukherjee and Jayanta Chattopadhyay

» Preparation, Characterisation and In-Vitro Study of Microspheres Containing Imatinib Mesylate by Solvent Evaporation Technique Using Ethyl Cellulose

Nagesh R Sandu, SP Senthi, and KL Senthilkumar

» Formulation and Evaluation of Gastro Retentive Floating Tablets of Stavudine

Prasanth VV, Ashutosh Lohumi, Sourav Tribedi, Rinku Mathappan and Sam T Mathew

» Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Activity of Kigelia Africana on EAC Induced Breast Tumors

N Sri Sainadh, Nagarathna PKM, Vasantha Kumar C, and SC Kulkarni

» Optimization and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of a Formulated Patch of Ondansetron for Transdermal Delivery

Anjan De, Subrata Chakraborty, Arup Mukherjee, Jayanta Chattopadhyay and Manish Kumar.

» Screening of Microbial Isolates for the Fermentative Production of L-Asparaginase in Submerged Fermentation

Kesavapillai Balakrishnan, Aiswarya Nair and Rahul Kumar

» In-vitro And Pharmacological Evaluation of a Formulated Transdermal Film of 5-FU on EAC induced Tumors in Mice.

Anjan De, Subrata Chakraborty, Arup Mukherjee and Jayanta Chattopadhyay

» Effect of Treatment with the Methanol Extracts of Azadirachta indica on the Sialic Acid Profiles of Plasmodium berghei Infected Mice

Akin-Osanaiye BC, Nok AJ, Ibrahim S, Inuwa HM, Onyike E, Amlabu E and Haruna E

» Evaluation of Adaptogenic Activity of Unani Herb Borago Officinalis

Mrudula Giri, Vrushabendra Swamy BM and KN Jayaveera

» Approach of Solid Dispersion and Polymer Coating in Formulation of Rapid Dispersible Tablets of Paracetamol

Chinmay Anand, Gali Vidyasagar and Manisha Rajmane

» Bio Responsive In Situ Gel of Clindamycin for Vaginal Application

P Yenkar, Rahul Mayee, R Nawale, R Chavan, T Salunke and V Bhoyar

» Design and Evaluation of a Novel Gas Formation-Based Multiple-Units as a Biphasic Gastro-Retentive Floating Drug Delivery System for Alfuzosin Hydrochloride

Vinay Kumar Katakam, Sunil Reddy, Jagan Mohan Somagoni, Pavan Kumar Panakanti, and Madhusudan Rao Yamsani

» Chitosan Based Unidirectional Release Buccal Patches of Carbamazepine: Formulation Development and In Vitro, Ex Vivo Characterization

Parthasarathy Govindasamy, Bhaskar Reddy Kesavan, Jayaveera Korlakunta Narasimha and Prasanth Viswanadhan Vasantha

» Anti-Cancer Activity of Extracts of Aerial Parts of Tephrosia Spinosa (L.F) Pers

R Xavier Arulappa and K Ilango

» Design and Development of Fast Dissolving Tablets of Ibuprofen

V Sai Kishore, D Gowtham Kumar, B Sudheer and M Sandeep

» Development and Validation of Simultaneous Equation Method for the Estimation of Metformin amd Sitagliptin by UV Spectroscopy

Sujani PV, SS Phanindra, P Anasuya, Y Padamanabha Reddy and N Devanna

» A Review: Polymeric In-situ Gel System

Jaya Raja Kumar K, Selvadurai Muralidharan and Sokkalingam Arumugam Dhanaraj

» Novel Delivery Systems in Cancer Chemotherapy

N Rathna Prasanna, C Triveni, R Soumya, BV Ramana and G Nagarajan

» Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Various Binder Combinations for Metformin Tablets

Gunturu Abhilash, Beny Baby, B Prakash Rao, S Raja Rajan, K Ramesh and G Ravi Kumar

» Formulation and Evaluation of Matrix Tablets of Albendazole for Colon Site Specific Drug Delivery
» Anticancer Activity of Extract Derived From the Leaves of Careya Arborea on Rats

Ramesh HA and Dinesh B Shenoy

» Preparation and Characterization of Crosslinked Gum Acacia Microspheres by Single Step Emulsion In-Situ Polymer Crosslinking Method: A Potential Vehicle for Controlled Drug Delivery

Parul K Patel and Pandya SS

» Development of Fast Dissolving Tablets Containing Ondansetron via Camphor Sublimation and its Characterization.

Rajnikant M Suthar, Narendra P Chotai1, Digesh D Shah, Rutvik M Thumar, Hardik K Patel, Mukesh B Jadeja

» Formulation and Evaluation of Levofloxacin Nanoparticles by Ionic Gelation Method

Beny Baby, Nagaraja Sree Harsha, Korlakunta Narasimha Jayaveera, Abin Abraham

» Suitability of Goat Tracheal Muscle Preparation for Evaluating Substances with Bronchodilator Activity

Niveditha G

» Cyclodextrin In Drug Delivery: A Review

Chordiya Mayur A and Senthilkumaran K

» Development and Partial-Validation of a High Throughput HPLC Method for the Quantification of Dexamethasone in Aqueous and Ocular Matrices-Application to a Pilot Pharmacokinetic Study

Srinivas Rao Chennamaneni